The Genuine Power in Asking the Right Question

I ask a lot of questions. A LOT. At least my family seems to think so.

My curious mind has led me to understand how to live in more peace, harmony, and joy than any other time in my life. And I’m grateful.

Part of the reason for that has been understanding of the power of questions. Specifically, how to shift the focus of my internal questions from what I don’t want, to what I do.

Let me explain…

In years past my questions would be typically focused on understanding why I’d done something, hadn’t done it, or why life wasn’t happening according to my plan. The dialogue in my head on any given day could sound something like:

“How could I be that stupid?”

“What was I thinking?”

“Why doesn’t anything ever work out for me?”

“Why did I think he/she/they would do the right thing?”

“Why can’t I ever get this right?”

Everything changed when I started asking different questions.


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Finding Perfection in Perceived Chaos

Every so often I catch myself wondering when things will "calm down."  In those times I remember that my perspective of life is what can "calm down," not necessarily the events that occur.  And when I can remember that my thoughts create my experience, I get it. I'm able to see Divine Perfection amid my perceived chaos. Much of the time at least. Here’s an example I remember from a few years ago.

I decided to go to IKEA about 50 miles from home on a Friday afternoon and talked my strong son into coming (someone had to lift those boxes). My plan was simple: drive an hour, grab something to eat, quickly locate what I needed, check out and be back home before the afternoon rush hour began. I’d have plenty of time to go home, change and attend the visitation at the local funeral home that evening. All was good. Or so I thought.

But Life happened. We were late leaving the house, there was a problem with lunch, I couldn’t find all the items I wanted,...

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Embracing Where You Are

family family adventure May 31, 2021

Embracing Where You Are

Do you remember fighting over where you’d sit in the car during a family outing?

I do.

As the oldest in my family, I relished the days I got to sit up front with my dad driving on vacations where we spent hours on the road going from Virginia to my Grandmother’s house in Nebraska. I thought I was so cool sitting in that front seat.

This weekend, I had a strikingly different realization.

I was sitting in the back seat next to my four-year-old grandson, my husband in the waaaaay back with my daughter and my son in law in the front. We were on an adventure to drive through an animated dinosaur park.

In an instant, I realized I’ve always been in exactly the right seat. 

As a child, I was safely carried through my journeys – rocky roads, bumps and all – by my parents who were driving the car. All I wanted to do was get in that front seat where I was sure the view was better. Then it was my turn. As an adult, I was responsible for...

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