A Divine Tool for Heart-Centered Leaders: the Be Love Principles

Lead with Greater Clarity, Calm and Confidence

The Story Behind the Be Love Principles

In a small case study conducted in early 2020, participants agreed to use the Be Love Principles for at least five out of seven days a week consistently for the 90 days.  Results from the group as a whole include increases in the following categories:

  • Self Love increased 14%
  • Feeling Peaceful  increased 17%
  • Overall Happiness increased 14%
  • Life Situation increased  17%
  • Divine Connection increased 29%
  • Overall Clarity increased 60%

About Diane

Diane L. Haworth is a Heart-Centered Coach, speaker and author who received the "Be Love Principles" during a direct divine experience in 2018 and is now passionate about sharing them with the world.

Meet Diane

Resources & Testimonials

This section features free content including TV shows, videos, interviews and testimonials all to help you more easily understand and use "the Be Love Principles" in your daily life. 

Resources & Testimonials

Free Workbook & Meditation

 Experience the power of the Be Love Principles in this short workbook and meditation and enjoy a greater sense of peace, joy, love and a deeper connection to divine wisdom.

Workbook & Meditation

Watch NEW "Be Love" MUSIC VIDEO 

Diane partnered with her friend and two time Global Peace Song Award winning singer/songwriter, Shawn Gallaway, on this beautiful song inspired by the Principles. ("Be Love" song available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and most digital platforms.)

"Be Love" Song

Experience a Free Class on the Be Love Principles 

Diane joined Sister Jenna of the Meditation Museum in McLean, Virginia for an afternoon exploring the Principles. View the class HERE

Free Workbook & Meditation

Living the Be Love Principles

Six Week Online Course

We all want the same thing. We  want to be loved, enjoy loving relationships and be happy, peaceful and feel free. Learning how to consistently apply the Be Love Principles helps you do that by getting you in touch with the divine within. Learn to live the love that you are.

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