Love Responds to Love on the Basketball Court

While teaching a recent in-person class on the Be Love Principles, I was presented with an interesting question as I discussed the second principle, “See the divine essence in everyone and everything.”

During a spirited class discussion, we explored ways to be shown the divine essence in ourselves, fresh flowers, in a crystal, in animals and while listening to a beautiful song.

An elderly man raised his hand and asked, “What about disabled people? How does this apply to us?”  The man had already shared his challenge with a lifelong hearing issue and how he’d struggled to feel loved as a result.

That’s a great question,” I answered. And proceeded to tell the class about my friend and her beautiful son, Michael.

My friend had shared with me that her 11-year-old autistic son had just finished his first season of basketball. Michael was not only the only fourth grader on the fifth-grade team, but the only “special needs”...

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