Love Responds to Love on the Basketball Court

While teaching a recent in-person class on the Be Love Principles, I was presented with an interesting question as I discussed the second principle, “See the divine essence in everyone and everything.”

During a spirited class discussion, we explored ways to be shown the divine essence in ourselves, fresh flowers, in a crystal, in animals and while listening to a beautiful song.

An elderly man raised his hand and asked, “What about disabled people? How does this apply to us?”  The man had already shared his challenge with a lifelong hearing issue and how he’d struggled to feel loved as a result.

That’s a great question,” I answered. And proceeded to tell the class about my friend and her beautiful son, Michael.

My friend had shared with me that her 11-year-old autistic son had just finished his first season of basketball. Michael was not only the only fourth grader on the fifth-grade team, but the only “special needs” kid, she explained. While he hadn’t done very well during the season, he had gone to each practice and game determined to do his best.

Unbeknownst to her, before the final game the other children had decided that Michael would shoot the last basket of the season. She had videoed the game and showed me the final few minutes.

Michael was on the floor, and from his teammates' movements it was obvious that they were setting him up for a chance to score. After a failed attempt, the kids regrouped and again opened a path for Michael to shoot the ball into the net. SUCCESS!

As his teammates clapped, shouted, and lifted him off the basketball court, cheers erupted from the stands, and everyone leapt to their feet.

Michael’s joy beamed from his face as he threw his arms up in triumph and his surprised mom sobbed happy tears.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the class as I finished my story. Including me! (I’d seen similar stories on social media but never saw the powerful impact of these acts with someone I knew.)

I turned to the man who’d asked the question and said, “Those kids decided to surprise Michael not because of what the world may think he lacks. They did it because they were responding to the light that he is. They responded to his divine essence. It was love responding to love.”

The man nodded then began to smile as the message settled.

They’ve most likely never heard of the Be Love Principles, but those beautiful children knew how to see the divine essence in Michael and responded in kind.

As a result, everyone in that basketball game experienced the ripple effect of an act inspired by love.

Just like me, my class and everyone who hears this story.


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