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The "Other F Word"

Jun 04, 2024


  • Sleeping peacefully through the night without waking up angry.
  • Enjoying the company of family and friends without feeling resentment or rejection.
  • Looking in the mirror and loving the person you see, at peace with yourself, your past and present to the delicious now.

These are just a few of the gifts that can come with forgiveness.

Yes, forgiveness...the "other F word" that nobody wants to talk about. Forgiveness seems hard. Like an elusive idea that can't really be implemented in a practical way. 

That's what your ego believes because it usually keeps resentments and fears as a protection.

Believe me, I tell my coaching clients all the time I'd gladly go to Costco and get a big ol' jar of Forgiveness Pills if they existed. They don't. 

If you've been working with the first two of the Be Love Principles  (#1 Greet everyone with an open heart, without an agenda. #2 See the divine essence in everyone and everything.) you will most  likely already be experiencing a shift in your awareness. 

I explain a bit more about this third principle in the 2 minute video above (just click on the image to play). Principle #3 is:

Forgive quickly, completely and unconditionally.

This is the "Big One." The practice that can shift your life in amazing ways. While you can ask Love to guide you, ask Forgiveness to show you how, you can also work through the Principles as a process to feel a shift. 

To watch how the process works, see this YouTube video where I lead Brooke through a challenge. You can also use this free workbook: Download now

Be tender this week as you work with forgiveness. And remember to connect to the wisdom of your own divine heart for guidance.

Let's forgive together and watch our experience of the world become more beautiful. 

Be Love Principles Workbook & Meditation

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๐Ÿงก Feel more loved and loving

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