The Only Safe Place Left to Go

I was on the phone yesterday with a dear friend. As we discussed recent world events, she wondered out loud, “Where can I move that would be safe, protected from this chaos?”

We both immediately knew the answer.


“Within where?” you might ask. One of the Scandinavian countries? Australia, New Zealand? Somewhere in the Caribbean?

The safest place for you, me, and everyone we love is much closer than that: within the wisdom of our own heart.

Your best guidance forward, the way to navigate the world events and help consciously evolve our communities, countries and the world will not be found within current government structures. Or in rhetoric created to induce fear. It is always available within the quiet space of your own heart, however.

How do you access it, the wisdom of your inner divine heart? Meditation and spending time in nature are excellent options and here are three more:

  • A favorite tool of mine is the free app offered by the Brahma Kumaris UK called “Bee Zone.” In addition to various meditations, daily challenge and mind gym, there’s an option called “Traffic Control” which provides a beautiful tone once an hour for one minute. This “traffic control” is an invitation to stop the flow of thoughts and consciously reconnect to your heart. It’s a quick and easy way to catch fearful thoughts and tune back into your inner wisdom.
  • Practicing the HeartMath Institute’s Heart-Brain Coherence Technique is another way to break the cycle of fearful or worrisome thoughts by harmonizing your heart and brain vibrations. It’s an easy tool that after only three minutes can shift your physiology for up to six hours. (I’ve included an explanation by Gregg Braden in the link above.)
  • The Be Love Principles have been the most effective way for me to shift from my ego, fear-based, constricted survival thoughts to seeing the world more from the expanded perspective of Divine Love. Practicing them daily gives me “room to breathe” during stressful times and find the peace and feeling of safety I crave. This also allows me to expand my point of view enabling me to understand life events from an entirely new perspective. It’s been life changing for me and for everyone who’s worked with them consistently.

In our fast-changing world, there’s no place to hide. The time for conscious evolution is here, now. You are exactly where you need to be. Go within, find your peace, hear your guidance, and live from your heart.


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