The Key to a Happy Holiday

My coaching clients often ask me some version of the same question. How can I be happier? Happier in my marriage, happier with my body, happier with my life in general?

This time of year, many are thinking about upcoming celebrations and wonder “how can I have a happier holiday this year?”

The answer is forgiveness.

Lesson 121 in the spiritual text A Course in Miracles states “Forgiveness is the key to happiness.”

I agree.

True forgiveness unchains us from the past and allows our full expression of life in the present. What does that mean?

Access to more love, compassion, and happiness for ourselves and all in our world.
Let me be clear. This isn’t the forgiveness of your youth when your mom made you forgive your little sister so you could get your Barbie doll back. (Maybe that was just me?) This forgiveness, authentic forgiveness, is life changing stuff.

How do you start? The Be Love Principles have been my process to shift from the constricted feelings of resentment and regret to a more expansive, Divine view of any life challenge. Forgiveness is Principle #3 and is the key to shifting awareness from fearful thoughts to more loving ones which leads to inner peace.
Happier holidays, happier relationships, a happier life begins with forgiveness.

How do you know who to forgive? Go into the sacred space of your own heart and ask. I bet a specific person, event or situation will come to mind.

Here’s another idea on how to begin a forgiveness journey.

Look in the mirror.


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