See All Things Anew

When is the last time you consciously looked at people, places, or situations in your daily life “anew?”

That’s the message I’ve been getting lately. “See all things anew.” Not from a different perspective, or with a different attitude. Look at everything anew. 

I’ve been exploring this by asking questions.

How could I see my marriage anew? My business? My finances? My family? My body?

I’ve been asking these questions for a few weeks now and have been receiving amazing insights. By consciously looking at every aspect of my life with “new eyes” I’m seeing things I either haven’t seen or have taken for granted.

I looked at my husband anew and noticed the mischievous twinkle in his eyes. I am more aware of how kind and loving he is towards me. Had I really forgotten this? (I can easily remember every time he doesn’t act this way!) I recognize once something becomes expected, it can lose its sparkle. Time to change that.

Next, I opened to looking at my business anew. How could I see my business in a way that could bring more joy and vitality to what had become routine? Within 48 hours of asking this question I was approached about a new opportunity that I’d never considered. Amazing.

I’ve used this approach to broaden my experience of everything! What I love most about this “see everything anew” guidance is that it is aligned with the first Be Love Principle which is “Greet everyone with an open heart, without an agenda.” Funny how I even got to see that familiar phrase anew.

So I wonder…

What is waiting to be discovered in your world anew? 


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