Say Yes to New Adventures!

qHow are you at saying “yes to new adventures?” I’ve always been lousy at it.

I was too busy, too tired, too stressed, too afraid…you get the idea.

What the heck qualifies as an “adventure” anyway? In my mind it was hanging off a cliff, jumping out of a plane, swimming in shark infested waters or some other equally terrifying and dangerous activity.

Imagine my surprise when I found out the truth.

An adventure can be all the scenarios listed above AND they can also be anything that challenges me to see from a fresh perspective, meet a new experience or face an old fear. And I can do all of that – when I remember to – with, and from, love.

Here are a few “adventures” I said yes to in the past two weeks:

  • A long walk with a new friend in a local park to share life philosophies.
  • Riding in cart as part of a small-town Christmas parade.
  • Gathering with likeminded friends (old and new) on a frosty Sunday morning in our host’s show barn to explore energy awareness, leadership principles and the majesty of horses.
  • Soared through the trees on my first zipline!
  • Confronting my own fears to witness and support a loved one who is grieving

Are these examples of what most people would classify as “adventure?” Probably not. But they are examples of real-life adventures Life is inviting us to experience each day.

I’ve finally figured out it’s living a full life that’s the real invitation to adventure! How do we say yes to that?

  • Be fully present to each moment as best you can.
  • Be open to Divine guidance.
  • Listen with your whole mind, body, and soul to where Life beckons you.
  • Be curious!

Here’s a question I’m starting to ask myself, “How can I say yes to the adventure that is my life today?”

That’s the challenge for us all, to say yes to life.

(Louise Hay was right all along when she said, “As I say yes to Life, Life says yes to me!”)


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