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Regardless What It Looks Like... You Exist in the Heart of Love

Jun 04, 2024

I had a challenging experience while traveling recently that gifted me with the photo above.  

While visiting my dear friend Linda in Glastonbury (Somerset, UK) we walked by a tiny alley on High Street. With a sly smile Linda said excitedly, "let's go down here!" 

I followed but didn't see why this was a big deal. The walls of the narrow walkway seemed to be smeared with different colored paint. It looked a bit chaotic and not particularly attractive.  

She scurried ahead of me, turned around with her phone pointed my way, motioned with her hand and said, "stop right there!" So I did. After taking a few photos, she walked toward me and let me see I was actually inside a beautiful heart! 

That's when I "got it." 

I had experienced quite a bit of physical pain due to inflammation on this trip, which is very unusual for me. Navigating the airport, carrying baggage on and off trains, extended walking and even getting into cars proved difficult.  

And yet... 

Once I remembered every challenge can be interpreted as a call for love, I experienced a shift. "What's Love's invitation here?" I thought. The answer came quickly. 

"Surrender the how. Trust you are taken care of every moment of every day." 

So I did my best to trust Love to hold me throughout this trip.  Whenever I began to struggle, a friend - and often a complete stranger - materialized to help me. Once I relaxed and tuned into the voice of Love within, I was completely guided to amazing and delightful surprises. 

Like finding myself inside a giant painted heart. 

What had started as a chaotic trip proved to be a beautiful experience in recognizing the divine love that always surrounds me. 

That's why I love this photo! No matter what my situation appears to be, no matter what I think I "see," I am safely held within the heart of love. Just like you. 

This week I invite you to imagine you are sitting within the heart of love...and breathe into that space. Go live from that understanding and see what miracles appear for you. 

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