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Watch This to Feel Good NOW

Jun 30, 2024

Click on the image above and watch 30 seconds of bliss thanks to my seven month old grandson, Augie!

Why do we love to hear a baby laugh?

Because it reminds us of the purity of Love. Augie's laugh is authentic, honest and spontaneous. And it reminds us that we don't need much to be happy!

Even people passionate about exploring their spiritual connection forget this truth. Joy is preprogrammed inside each one of us.

So what gets in our way?

  • Relationship issues
  • Money worries
  • Health concerns
  • Life challenges

Augie doesn't know any of this yet. All he knows is love. That can sound easy since he's cuddled, sung to, played with, well fed and cared for.

And yet...

How many of us have our basic needs met, a family who loves us, food on the table and still forget to laugh? How many times have we all allowed the shadow of the past or a fearful specter of the future suppress the joy within?

This week I invite you to reconnect to the divine joy within you. Laugh. Be silly. Smile!

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