Love Lessons From My Surprise Hitchhiker

Life constantly provides beautiful lessons…you just need to pay attention. That’s what happened for me just a few days ago.

On the way to my weekly visit with my four-year-old grandson, Emory, I had noticed a slight tug as I sat down in the driver’s seat of my car. I realized I’d stepped through a spider web as I opened my door.

“Sorry, buddy!” I said out loud as I started the car and drove away.

Driving happily along a busy two-lane road at 55mph, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something moving outside my left window. I glanced quickly to see a large brown spider with yellow striped legs clinging to what was left of his web, connected to my side mirror and vigorously flapping in the wind beside me.

I screamed.

And instantly felt ridiculous.

Here was this tiny spider, tiny compared to me, outside my closed window struggling to stay connected to a thread in what must have felt like hurricane winds. What was I afraid of?

And yet my first reaction was fear. A fear that was not based in the reality of the situation. Not. At. All.

I suddenly hoped St. Francis had not seen my treatment of one of God’s creatures.

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Spider!” I said aloud. (This is one of the many reasons my family thinks I am weird.)

“You are a divine being and have a unique place on the planet. So sorry I was afraid! I didn’t see you …just hold on, we’re almost there!”

So here I was, a grown woman, looking for a place to safely pull my car over to save my new spider friend. Apologizing all the way to Emory’s house, once parked I invited him to hop off and make new friends.

He unfurled from his web and crawled inside a small space between the mirror and its holder. He was in one piece and back in his hiding place.

Shaken, I walked up the front stairs to see Emory and tell him of my adventure. I told him how silly I’d felt and how I’d been reminded of the sacred place all creatures have in our world. That each one is part of the Divine.

“Even snakes?” Emory said.

“Even snakes,” I replied.


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