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Living Guided by Your Life Purpose

Jun 13, 2022

I thought I understood “life goals,” and how to create – or force – my life to be what I envisioned. I spent decades learning self-development methods, read self help books and learned about cutting edge scheduling and time management tools.

Yeah, that didn’t work so well.

Opening to mystical texts, especially A Course in Miracles, I learned something that truly changed my life: everything flows from love. Everything.

Hmmm…so how do I merge all I’ve learned over the years with this radical truth?

I used to spend hours on crafting a life mission, or purpose, then created specific goals in categories like work, family, health, and finances. While this works for thousands of people, it never did for me. Now I take a different approach.

My life purpose is to be love. Period.

What does that mean? To live my daily life from divine love, guided by the wisdom in my own heart. This is the same love that’s in you, each member of your family and every person on earth. Yes, even in your sketchy cousin.

I intend to "be love" in my thoughts, actions and that this intention will guide everything I do. Simple? Not for me! But I rely on my study of A Course in Miracles as well as my Be Love Principles to lead the way.

How does that work? I do my best, moment to moment, to lead from my heart, not my head. My intention is to invite love to guide the way I show up as a wife, mom, grandmother, teacher, friend and entrepreneur. And when I experience fear, worry, overwhelm and frustration I realize I’m following a less powerful guide.

Time to take a breath. Feel into my body, honor my feelings. Consciously reconnect to my heart and listen to love’s guidance.

The result? More peace. More joy. More love. More freedom.

Yes, please. More of that.

Be Love Principles Workbook & Meditation

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๐Ÿงก Feel more loved and loving

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