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                  “What you experience in your external world is a reflection of your internal world.”

I can’t remember when I came across the teaching above or who I first heard it from, but I do remember that I immediately resonated with the message.

As the years have progressed and I’ve studied the mystics, neuroscience, and many of the great thinkers of our time my understanding has only deepened. I believe that what I “see” in my external world is indeed a reflection of my conscious and unconscious beliefs. Oh, I believe it, but I still forget. Here’s a recent example.

I’ve been supporting a friend who is struggling with a specific challenge. She is the most organized person I’ve ever met and is prepared for anything.

Worldwide shut down due to a pandemic? Prepared. Emergency home repairs? She’s got that covered. Extra home keys made, insurance policies up to date, bills paid in advance, all her filing done…on top of that too.

Let’s just say in the event of a zombie apocalypse, I’d want to be at her house. We’d be set for years.

She knows exactly what to do, when to do it and how it should be accomplished. Period. And she’s very attached to the way things are done. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it does present a challenge when she needs to be flexible. Or she has to sit with the “not knowing” of how something will come about. Spending time with her this week I suddenly had a “lightbulb” moment.

My darling friend has been a beautiful reflection of something in my own life.

She’s reminded me that I’ve had a stubborn attachment to how a situation in my own life “should” be resolved. I realized I’d been so attached to my desired outcome that I had forgotten that Love (God/Universe/Source) is much better equipped to resolve my challenge. My ego had not been open to divine guidance and so I’d been experiencing fear and doubt on a level I thought I’d outgrown long ago.

What a gift!

As I was present to, and for, my friend in her challenge, I had opened to a reflection of my unconscious beliefs. As I consciously surrendered into the unknown, trusting all was unfolding for my highest and best, I felt clearer, more at peace, and more relaxed than I had in months. I released expectations and my situation shifted in ways I could never have imagined.

There was another interesting development. Without discussing it with her, the chaos in my friend’s life started to calm down as well.

I love how the oneness works, especially when I’m open to seeing it.


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