I Could See Peace Instead of Listening to the Crazy in My Head

The photo above is me and my husband Joe, taken in one of our local parks last year.

Like most couples who’ve been together over 22 years, we’ve had our share of laughter and tears. It’s all part of marriage.

Recently Joe scheduled two cataract surgeries within nine days. I was concerned.

In my experience, Joe isn’t the best patient.

He’ll tell you he isn’t a patient man. He doesn’t like thinking he’s not in control of things.  And he REALLY doesn’t like to be told “no.” Like “no driving for a few days” or “no exceptions to the multiple eye drops per day for the next five weeks.”

As we started this surgery process, I noticed something.

Joe was much more agreeable than normal. While he was a bit nervous, he was excited about the possibility of improved vision.

It was me who had the issue.

I had multiple scenarios playing in my head during the days leading up to the first surgery and the week afterwards.

“What if we get to the surgery center and he refuses to go through with the procedure?”

“He’ll never remember the eye drop schedule. All this effort will be wasted and I’ll have to do everything.”

“He’s going to whine for days about no driving!”

I bought into the crazy stories in my head which were the voice of my own fears. As a result, I was the one reacting to issues that didn’t exist!

How human of me.

One of my favorite lessons from A Course in Miracles is Lesson 34:

I Could See Peace Instead of This

“Peace of mind is clearly an internal matter. It must begin with your own thoughts, and then extend outward. It is from your peace of mind that a peaceful perception of the world arises.”

(ACIM, W-34.1:2-4)

Of course.

It’s always my choice how I react to, and in, any situation. It’s my choice if I react to the stories in my head or choose to see peace.

Yes, it’s taken practice to see peace in the world, but I can tell you it’s possible.

But you do have to know where – and how – to look for it. It's an inside job.


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