How to Schedule with Spirit

Sometimes on the spiritual path we receive many messages encouraging us to be:

  • Present
  • Joyful
  • Open
  • Allowing
  • In service

All wonderful intentions!

Often the list of ways you want to show up in the world can clash with the mundane activities that call to you.

Life tasks like laundry, paying bills, going to the grocery store and food prep come to mind. As does business tasks like answering emails, strategic planning, creating content and working with clients.

It can feel overwhelming.

Your feelings are the key!

When you find yourself mired in the “to do” lists - feeling constricted and small instead of the expanded feelings of joy, peace, and presence - it’s time for a reset.

Breath work, using the Be Love Principles, or going for a walk in nature all help shift perspective and allow you to refocus.

My ultimate tip for overwhelm?


Go inside the sacred space of your own heart, and ask Spirit/Love/God, “Show me.”

In your daily journaling or mediation practice you can ask for guidance for literally anything. For example, if you’ve struggled with progress on a specific project ask, “What are the next three things I need to do this week to move this project forward?”

In essence, you’re scheduling with Spirit.

With this simple practice you can be present to the guidance that is always available and knows what’s in your highest and best interest (as well as all concerned).

Your invitation this week is to create your schedule with Spirit’s input. Ask about tasks, timing, who to contact for help…just remember to ask.

Your own inner divine wisdom is on tap 24/7.

You just have to ask.


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