How to Do a Life Reset

Ever felt like this? Like nothing is going right, you feel out of flow, full of fear and life doesn't make sense?

That's been me the last two months. 

I needed a life reset.

In retrospect, I had allowed myself to be consumed by world events and gone down a very dark hole of fear.

As a result, I wasn't consistent with my spiritual practice or meditations, made poor food choices and started to feel unwell physically. I still took care of my clients and my family responsibilities during this time, but I wasn’t myself. I was “off.”

And then I remembered something my mentor, Robert Holden, often says, “If you think something is missing in your life, it’s probably you.”

Oh, right!

I had temporarily put more emphasis on the external world noise and not as much on the quiet divine wisdom that resides in the silence of my own heart. That’s where my truth lies. Where my guidance, peace, and joy flows from. How could a spiritual teacher forget THAT? Simple. I’m human. And I get scared when I listen more to the world than to my own divine guidance.

Time for a reset.

Here’s what I did and what I suggest if you too are feeling overwhelmed, worried, or fearful:

  • Create (or get back to) a consistent daily spiritual practice that works for you. I use my daily reading of A Course in Miracles, journaling, meditation, and gratitude to start my day consciously connected to my inner wisdom. (I highly recommend my “Three M’s” practice to integrate mind, body, and soul. Check out a quick video HERE to learn more.) If you’ve been consistent with your practice, consider changing it up or taking a fresh approach. Try using the Be Love Principles. I'm convinced they helped me stay more grounded than I would have been in years past. 
  • Feed your body with wholesome food and wholesome thoughts. Be aware of what you consume. Your emotional and physical body will feel better when you do! In addition to healthy food, be mindful of your news and entertainment choices. Are those feeding your soul or creating more fear? While I watch a limited amount of news, instead of engaging in fear and judgement over what I’ve seen, I do my best to bring love and prayers to all involved with trauma and conflict.
  • Find or create a supportive community. Volunteer for a cause you believe in or join a club or group. You could find new recipes then cook and share healthy meals or inspiring books with family and friends. I’m part of a five-person group who studies A Course in Miracles and daily share our perspectives with each other on the Marco Polo app. We live hundreds of miles apart and have still formed a beautiful, sacred community sharing material we treasure.
  • Recognize this is an unusual time on the planet. While we’re fed a stream of fearful images and tragic news, I believe that more than ever before, more people are awakening and choosing to live more loving lives. (Want to see a different perspective? Check out the Good News Network and CGood TV then search for your own favorite site for positive news.)

Finally, be honest with yourself. Embrace your worry, your fear, your uncertainty. And wrap all of you in love.


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