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Happy LOVE Month

Feb 07, 2022

This month we're looking at LOVE. Not the Hallmark Valentine’s Day card or sappy romantic movie kind of love. The real Love. Divine Love. The intelligent, creative, expansive energy that creates galaxies and beats your heart and mine. 

The BIG Love. 

Miracles happen when you consciously tap into your own inner divine wisdom. Most people use a type of contemplative practice such as meditation, prayer, or silent time in nature. I have received some of my most profound guidance through daily journaling.  

My beloved mentor, Dr. Robert Holden, often shares a profound exercise using a writing prompt. He invites his students to settle into a quiet space, connect to their heart and write this prompt to begin a journal entry, “Love, what do you most want me to know today?” 

I’ve written that question hundreds, if not over a thousand, times in the last years. Sometimes I get short sentences addressing a general life issue, sometimes a specific direction for my business, sometimes a word of encouragement. There is always an answer. Always. 

One day while using the prompt in a meditation exercise, I got much more than a short answer. I got a new life direction. A new purpose and passion for my life and business. It was unexpected and a bit confusing, at least at first. And the power of the experience only continues to grow. Every aspect of my life has changed as a result. I’ve welcomed new friendships, deepened relationships, feel mentally, spiritually, and physically healthier, new professional doors have opened, and a new aspect of my business was born. All from Love’s guidance.  

Connecting to Love is powerful. Sacred. And available to us all every second of our lives. We have only to ask and be open. (So what happened for me? Check out this video.) 

Want your experience of life to shift? This month commit to a consistent practice of connecting to Love. And if you do, what could happen?  

Only one way to find out… 

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