Happy Birthday to My Greatest Spiritual Teacher

I’ve been blessed to have many spiritual teachers in my life. I’ve studied Christian, Buddhist and Jewish teachings with brilliant scholars, examined mystic traditions with teachers who have embodied the work and followed contemporary authors who helped me understand the meaning of life and how to live with love and forgiveness in this ever-changing world.

But without a doubt this kid has been my greatest spiritual teacher.

Happy fifth birthday to my grandson, Emory, my personal Yoda. Sure, this could be ravings of a doting grandmother (and there’s some of that) but why do I think he’s been my spiritual teacher? While my mentors have skillfully introduced me to new ways of thinking and fascinating spiritual concepts, with Emory I’ve learned how to live those concepts in a deeper way.

This little sage has reintroduced me to:

  • Unbridled joy 
  • Curiosity about everything I see, hear, touch, taste, and smell 
  • Being truly open to new people, places, experiences
  • Expressing authentic emotions
  • Being present in the moment
  • Deep, deep gratitude for life and everything in it

When my own children were young, I was working full time, going to night school to earn my MBA, dealing with a failing marriage and taking care of my parent’s ongoing health issues.

I didn’t play.

I didn’t explore every inch of the yard for the treasures God hid there in every bug, bush, and furry creature.

I didn’t express my true thoughts or emotions.

I certainly wasn’t present.

So much has changed for me in the last five years and while I credit all my teachers for aiding me on my spiritual path, it was the birth of this boy that opened my heart to love in a new way.

The most amazing thing about this journey is how my love for him has opened me up to loving everyone and everything in a deeper way. I understand the “big love,” divine love and how to do my best to live from there each day.

I am convinced that my love for this child prepared me to receive the Be Love Principles and that’s why he is such a vital part of that story. (See this video on how I got the Be Love Principles.)

Do you have to have a young child in your life to learn how to live love? Absolutely not. The path is unique for each of us. Emory was my door to deeper divine love at this stage of my life.

Be open. Be curious. Be authentic. Have fun. Look for your door…it’s waiting for you.


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