Grateful to Louise...

My heart is full today as I think of the blessings that have come into my life thanks to the life and work of Louise Hay, writer, teacher, and founder of Hay House.

My basic understanding of how my world worked was challenged by her groundbreaking book, “You Can Heal Your Life” which led to studying her work and discovering the power of affirmations. I spent hours in the car listening to my “Louise tapes” (remember cassettes?)  to hear her soothing voice tell me how to love myself. I knew I was supposed to love everyone else, but love myself?  I’d never heard of anything like that before.

Exploring her “mirror work,” use of affirmations, and understanding the power of my thoughts deepened my knowledge of myself and the world I’d created. My life was forever changed by her teachings and the authors I was introduced to through her Hay House publishing company.

In April 2012, my sister and I traveled to Atlanta for what would be the first of the many Hay House I CAN DO IT conferences we attended. We saw Louise on stage with Cheryl Richardson and later I waited in line for over an hour to get her to autograph her latest book which I still treasure.

Thanks to Louise and that first I CAN DO IT conference, I met my mentor and friend Robert Holden. That led to becoming a serious student of A Course in Miracles, my passion for the Enneagram, an immersion into mystical and spiritual studies and, most importantly, creating deep and caring friendships with fellow spiritual seekers from all over the world.

Other Hay House authors have taught me high performance habits, helped me understand more about the brain and neuroscience, how to move my consciousness in meditation to the quantum field and given me resources for a healthier mind, body, and spirit.

I credit the beautiful Louise Hay for starting me on the path that has given me a deeper understanding of love, changed my career, and opened doors in life I never knew existed.

And it all happened by reading a single book by a woman with a message she wanted to share.

Thank you, Louise, for your dedication to helping us all understand the power of loving ourselves, others, and the world.

(Louise would have been 95 years old on October 8, 2021. She passed away in 2017 at age 90.)


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