Find What You Love and Go Deep

Nearly 20 years ago I studied Reiki from a local spiritual teacher who saw how curious I was about everything. I remember her smile as she said:

“There are so many traditions and practices that will interest you. Feel free to sample them! The key is to find what you love and go deep.”

I’ve never forgotten her words and it’s played out in my life in several ways.

For example, I’ve always been fascinated by the ocean. I spent years watching famed oceanographer Jacques Cousteau on TV and reading countless books on sea life. Since I lived near the mountains and my parents weren’t “beach people” I rarely even saw the ocean as a kid.

Then in my mid 40’s I decided to learn to scuba dive. I went deep. Literally.

On my first real dive into the Atlantic Ocean off the Bahama shoreline, I was “gob smacked!” My desire to “go deep” opened the door to experiencing and interacting with the ocean, not just reading about it.

I’ve used the same advice to deepen into my spirituality with a similar result.

I grew up attending a Christian church and have sampled many spiritual teachings and mystic traditions.

Then I found the Christian mystical text, A Course in Miracles.

I started with reading the daily lessons, read books on the Course, studied with various teachers, and have been a member of online study groups for many years. Even after reading the text many times, I can’t get enough of the practical wisdom the Course offers.

I was called to go even deeper.

In addition to starting my day by reading the daily lesson, I’m in a small study group of five. Using a video phone app, each day one of us reads a passage in the text and offers a personal reflection. The rest of us watch the video and share our own reflections and interpretations of the material.

The result has been an expansion of my understanding and direct experience of the Divine love, light and joy the Course speaks about. The deeper I go, the happier, more creative, and peaceful I become.

Going deep into the teachings of A Course in Miracles has allowed me to go beyond studying the ideas to using them and now, finally, being more able to live from the foundation of love the Course describes. This path has, and continues to be, life changing for me.

I invite you to ask yourself, “Where is Life asking me to go deep right now?”

Get still and listen for your answer. 


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