The Courage to Stay in the Conversation

I wasn’t the bravest kid in school. I was the “good girl” who followed directions but seldom rocked the boat. I don’t enjoy rough waves, disagreeable conversations or being in unpleasant situations.

But here I am.

While it’s easy to talk “love and light” to my “spiritual” friends, I have noticed my reluctance to be around those who think differently. Or those who – often loudly – spout ideas I find frightening. And I realized something.

That’s not love. At least not the kind of love I’m here to live.

The Oneness I believe in includes everyone. Every. One. Those of all beliefs, opinions, viewpoints, perspectives, spiritual practices, and individual preferences.


How can I teach the virtues of Oneness and hide from what my ego fears could be unpleasant encounters? I can’t.

So I’ve committed to stay in conversation with family, friends, colleagues, everyone who comes into my world. Not to convert, convince, or change anyone but to listen, love and accept them as they are, where they are, as I wish to be loved and accepted. After all, I recognize that we are all exactly where we are supposed to be on our individual life journey.

How will I do this? For me, it goes back to the Be Love Principles. I pray for the courage to greet everyone with an open heart, without an agenda and to see their divine essence. I practice forgiveness and remember we are all one in the light of love.

This is what I now know to be my opportunity for sacred activism in today’s world. And my invitation to be the presence of love.


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