Chaos as an Invitation to Love

So I bet you’d rather NOT get an invitation from “chaos,” even if it is to remember love.

But it happens. And it’s happening now.

While 2021 feels different than the chaos of 2020, there’s no doubt we’re all still facing much uncertainty. At home. At work. And in the world.

We’ve seen the recent global upheaval challenge institutions, tear open social wounds and force businesses to rethink the way they do everything. And it’s done something else.

Chaos brings with it an invitation to remember that which never changes.

The spiritual truth of universal love, compassion, kindness and recognizing oneness can anchor us to feelings of peace within, even when the winds of change are howling. That truth is felt deep inside when we allow the Divine wisdom of our own heart to comfort and guide us to love.

How can we do that? By remembering universal spiritual principles that lead us back to the truth.

#1 Love unites, fear separates.

The outside world focuses on fear and separation while spiritual principles focus on love and oneness. We all know what fear feels like and how it quickly shifts our thinking from “what’s good for the community” to “how will I get through this?” Fearful thoughts fuel the “us vs. them” mentality that causes more separation within communities and contributes to chaotic thinking. While huge shifts in our world can trigger fear, spiritual wisdom points us to loving responses. When we can remember we are all – people, animals, plants, the earth – part of the “oneness” energy and respond to challenges from the most loving actions we can, miracles occur. Real physical and emotional healing, economic recovery and dramatic innovations can best spring from the well of hope, not of the depths of despair.

Living from a foundation of love, moment by moment as best we can, helps us live mindfully in the now which increases our connection to inner peace. Studies have shown a more peaceful mind can access higher levels of creative problem-solving functions in the brain. That certainly serves us as individuals and as communities in times of crisis.

#2  Love is an invitation to service.

Reflecting on our true Divine loving nature helps bypass the fear experienced through the ego. One dramatic result can be commitment to compassionate service. “Love in action” is service as guided by our own heart. Speaking to a worried friend, tending to an elderly parent, tithing to an organization doing work we admire, picking up neighborhood trash, working at a food kitchen and organizing disaster relief efforts are all ways love flows through each of us in service to the whole. We all make a difference in our own unique way and we collectively benefit from each loving act. That truth never changes.

#3  Practiced daily, connecting to spiritual principles help us begin the day feeling more grounded and mindful.

You know what happens. You wake up and immediately check your phone or turn on the news. Big mistake. The news is jarring, your social media feed is frenzied and you get at least a few unsettling emails. What happens? You begin your precious day in reaction mode instead of proactively living your day as you had planned. The solution?

Start your day remembering what’s true. You are a spiritual being, living in a physical body. Incorporate mind, body and spirit in a morning practice that grounds you in both presence and peace which prepares you to mindfully move through your day.

I recommend what I call the “Three M’s” consistently practiced in the morning:

  • Meditation – Use a guided meditation app, take a meditative walk in nature or sit comfortably and go within. Whatever you do, take time to connect to the Divine within the sacred space of your own heart. Spend time there.
  • Motivate – Read from inspirational books, listen to spiritual podcasts, study wisdom texts, create gratitude lists or connect within and journal messages and guidance from your own inner wisdom. This step is about starting the day with a renewed sense of purpose and passion.
  • Move – Time for yoga, Qigong or gentle stretches to mindfully engage the body and get it ready for the day.

Any of these single practices will strengthen your ability to go through your day more mindfully. Used in a conscious combination, you’ll be fueled from within and better prepared to both recognize and move through any challenges with, and from, love.

Whether you call it God, Universe, Source or Love, I’m suggesting you connect to the intelligent, creative, expansive energy of All There Is. The same energy that creates galaxies, makes the tides come in and beats your heart. Many beautiful traditions teach how to reach this place of Divine Truth. Find the one that resonates with you, learn it’s wisdom and use those teachings as an anchor to guide you on your path.

And here’s one more point. The current pandemic will one day be behind us and the world may seem calmer. But change is constant. While we’ve recently experienced uncertainty as a global community, we are always living in uncertain times. Illness strikes, weather creates chaos or financial fear looms…only one truth is certain. Divine Love surrounds us, sustains us, and is us.

In a weird way, chaos can serve as reminder to live from that truth.


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