Be the Leader You Want to See in the World

I often talk to clients who are interested in getting advanced degrees, certifications or work experience that will label them a “good leader.”

After studying the traits of high achievers, reading biographies of leaders admired by millions and watching interviews of influencers I trust, I’ve noticed something.

Few mentioned advanced degrees, certifications or work experience as forming the foundation of their success.

While those things absolutely contributed, I’ve been struck by something else. Many leaders talk about:

  • the support of family members during pivotal personal growth periods
  • appreciation for the compassion and generosity of others they met along the way
  • their response to transformative life events such as a serious accident, illness or death of a loved one
  • feeling “in the flow” when they knew deep in their soul that they were on the right track
  • an understanding of a greater purpose for their life than the one they’d been living
  • realizing they had choices when others said they did not
  • feeling pulled, pushed and prodded by some cosmic force to follow a path when they were afraid to do so
  • a deep feeling of being held, comforted and guided by a force many call “Divine”

I love to read about leaders and leadership but have a slightly different take on the subject.

I believe we’re all leaders of our own lives. Once we recognize our life reflects our thoughts, we’re ready to fully embody our role as a leader. We can lead from our ego thoughts (often fear, judgement and doubt) or from our hearts. And that’s all about love.

In the list above, each example is an expression of love at work in the world. So what attributes of love could you embrace to not only be the conscious leader in your own life, but spread more love to your family, community and beyond?

Here’s a list I’m working on for myself:

  • cultivate compassion for myself and others (to include releasing judgements)
  • developing deep listening skills
  • be open to understanding different opinions, viewpoints and perspectives
  • look for shared opportunities and ways to work collaboratively with others for positive change at the local level and beyond
  • relax and remind myself to consistently ask for and follow Love’s guidance

This time calls for heart-centered leaders in government, business, academia, science and in each of our homes. It’s time for us to claim our leadership role and remember a basic truth.

We all want the same thing. To love and to be loved.

When each of us consciously becomes the leader we want to see in the world, we all benefit.


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