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Align to Truth, Not Tragedy

Nov 29, 2022

Like many communities in the Unites States, my beloved Virginia has been rocked once again by multiple mass shootings this month.

Senseless. Devastating. Incomprehensible.

The reaction to such horrific events: public shock, the anguished cries of loved ones, stone faced politicians sending prayers to the affected families.


Our opportunity is to align to the Truth, not the tragedy. Let me explain.

While Americans love to say we’re guided by our ideals of freedom, I disagree. We’re thoroughly and consistently motivated by fear.

Fear of the “other” (those of opposing political views, country of origin, race, religious beliefs, gender identification, and thousands of other delineating factors).

Fear of lack or “not enough” (seen through our monstrous consumer appetite and tendency for hoarding as well as deep issues around self-love).

And the fear of aging, loneliness, fear of not making the “correct” choices around food, education, housing, entertainment options, and ideology. The list seems endless.

All of this is part of the fear we share with every person on earth. The unconscious fear that we’re separate from Love, Source, God, Goodness.

Anyone who commits a crime needs to answer for their actions in a court of law. And as a country, we need to answer for the rhetoric, thought systems, policies, and institutions that feed mistrust and perpetrate fear. We have a responsibility as individuals as well. Where are we spreading fear with our thoughts, our vote, social media posts and verbal messages?

The Truth is that we are all one, connected by the Love that is our Source. That’s the Truth (with a capital T) that we are invited to align to. This alignment opens the door to deep healing and the fresh perspectives necessary for lasting change and peaceful societies. What happens when we choose instead to align to tragedy? More fear. More fearful reactions. More chaos.

Seeing each person as our brother and sister creates a vastly different dynamic in every sector of society and in the world at large. We are invited to align to Truth and create a compassionate, respectful, inclusive, dynamic world that recognizes life is sacred in all forms. That includes our planet and all her inhabitants.

Recognize tragedy. Honor the feelings of grief and loss. Then choose to align to Truth and move forward guided by Love, not fear.

November 2022

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