A Time of Grateful Goodbyes and Joyous Hellos

Have you ever noticed the graceful dance in life between goodbyes and hellos?

For example, our family said goodbye last week to a woman who was my children’s grandmother and my cherished friend for over 40 years. As I’ve been thinking about her, I realized she modeled “supportive, loving grandmother” in ways I adopted when my own grandson arrived.

I am grateful for what she taught me about sewing, how to feed a herd of hungry young boys, the way to support and care for ill family and – above all - how to love fiercely. I am forever grateful to love, and to have been loved by, this beautiful soul.

As my heart is saddened by this goodbye, life has given me a new hello.

Our new grandson is only three months old, and I smile when I think of all the hellos ahead. I’ll greet him as a baby, toddler, schoolboy and beyond. I’m already saying hello to his mom and dad as new parents, welcoming in this exciting new family chapter for us all. So many future hellos to look forward to!

I’ve been reflecting on this dance of life between goodbyes and hellos.

While I typically think of this dance with people, I realize I’ve said many grateful goodbyes to old ways of thinking, outdated processes, and stale ideas. All that made room for me to say hello to new studies and embrace fresh perspectives which have expanded my understanding of love and how to live with intention.

What a joy to know there are more grateful goodbyes and joyful hellos yet to come…


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