A Message from the Wetlands

Driving up to my friend's Sunday morning retreat held on her beautiful farm, I had several expectations.

I expected to meet new spiritually minded friends. (Check.)

I expected the skillful host to lead us through insightful and impowering inquiries. (Check.)

I expected to enjoy the fresh country air and powerful demonstrations with her animals. (Check.)

I did NOT expect to receive a personal message while meditating with the group at the edge of her wetlands area. (Whaaaat?)

Here's what happened...

My friend, a trained environmental scientist, led our group to the small wetlands area and explained it's varied purposes in nature. After a brief instruction, she invited us to sit and meditate.

The scene was beautiful, serene and felt sacred.

As I sat, connected to the wetlands and the earth, I could hear the trees sway in the breeze, the hum of a bee several yards away and birds singing to each other.

It was pure bliss.

As I felt myself sink deeper into a meditative state, I heard something else. A loud commercial plane was flying over the farm. 

Imagining the passengers on the plane, I had a clear thought. "They have no idea what's going on down here."

In my head, I heard a loud reply, "You don't either when you stay in your head and not in your heart." 

Had I just been chided by the essence of the wetlands?

I believe so!

The more I recognized the symbolism of the scene and the clarity of my message, the more true it felt.

It's been a few months since my encounter with the wetlands and I still smile at the memory.

What a lovely reminder that the perfect message - the one we most need to hear in any given moment - is always available.

We just have to be still and listen.


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