What Does That Mean?

I get up each morning between 4 – 5am, walk to the kitchen, argue with the cat about how much breakfast she needs, then grab my journal and sit down to write before my meditation.

Recently my journaling took a new turn.

I began with a familiar prompt I learned from Robert Holden, “Love, what do you most want me to know today?”

I was surprised by the words that flowed from my pen:

“Lightness is key. Light now refers to density, brightness and feeling. Light in all forms. Keep checking in with your heart. Light and lightness is the key.”

What does that mean?” I said out loud. A few minutes later, I decided to do my best to be aware of all forms of light in my day.

I periodically set an alarm to check in with my heart and consciously connect to the divine light within.

Walking past my window I noticed how the morning light sparkled off the front yard grass still wet with dew.

Before I ate, I asked, “What food brings me the most light today?”

I was aware of the music I listened to and the videos I watched. I chose to consume media that was uplifting, expansive and light.

Several times I stopped and thought, “How can I bring light to what I’m doing right at this moment?”

Later in the day I remembered to ask, “Show me the light that is already present.”

At the end of the day, I felt…lighter. More hopeful. Focused. Clear. Peaceful. And happy!

Thanks to my journal message, I’ve got a practical understanding of what “living light” means for me right now. It’s not just cleaning the closet or meditating in a circle of light. I’m not only being invited to bring light into every aspect of my daily life, but to recognize the light that already exists here.

It’s usually not too difficult to find the light at play in my life. I’ve even learned how to embrace the darkness and bring that to the light. (That’s an ongoing practice!)

I encourage you to journal as part of your daily spiritual practice. Perhaps tomorrow your journal prompt could be, “Love, how could I recognize the light in my life right now?”

Let me know how it goes…


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