Hello Mr. Turkey, Gratitude and True Abundance


If you haven't yet, click on the button above and listen to the "Hello Mr. Turkey Song"....it's an impromptu solo 12 second performance by my grandson. 

Excuse the proud grandmother moment, but that kid makes me laugh. And think. And remember the joy of learning a new song. I'm blessed to have this little guy help me see the wonder of the world again. 

I'm grateful for that. And I recognize this is one of a hundred ways I'm already abundant. Maybe it's one way I allow myself to recognize I'm blessed. 

Every time I turn on the news I'm reminded of the many ways our world is not working and doesn't feel abundant. Or at least I hear the opinions of people who believe that. They're passionate about their views...and often very loud.  

But so are we.  

We (I'm hoping you're with me on this) can be passionate about recognizing the world we know is possible. One of compassion, respect, inclusion, and collaboration. A world where we live from oneness and see that individual decisions made from love turn into corporate offerings and government policies that benefit all - citizens, nature and our beloved Mother Earth. 

We can be passionate about tuning into our heart daily to make choices that contribute to a more loving world. And we can be loud about the world we enjoy. What is that for you?  

Can you celebrate an abundance of friends, family, health, opportunities, entertainment options or books? So many things to be grateful for. 

Including the smile from the "Hello Mr. Turkey Song." 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.... 

I am deeply grateful to and for each one of you,



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