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Shower Messages

Jun 20, 2022

I find the most specific guidance, the clearest wisdom and undisputable truths often come through at weird times.

Like when I’m in the shower.

That’s where I was today when I realized I had been wondering how to be more effective in my business. Somewhere between the shampoo and conditioner, I heard it.

“Connect. Inspire. Lead.”

This is a message for all of us:

  • Connect – All the wisdom we need to understand our lives, have healthy relationships, and enjoy our time on this beautiful planet ALL comes from our sacred connection to the Divine within. How? Connect in meditation, spend time in nature, listen to sacred music, read inspirational books and be mindful of the ever-present now.
  • Inspire – Often when I tell someone they inspire me, their reaction is “Me? What’d I do?” Our society used to think proof of inspiration through influence came from bestselling books, social media “likes” or the size of an email list. Not true. People inspire others by the way they move in the world. With kindness, compassion, and acts of forgiveness. I believe we’re all being called to inspire each other as we continue to move through a time of great change and challenge in the world. Let’s all remember we never operate in a vacuum and do our best to live with integrity and love.
  • Lead – A stressed single mom, busy head of a multinational corporation or retired and living a quiet life in solitude…these times call for us all to step up and lead. Lead from the wisdom of your own heart, as best you can, every moment of the day. Maybe it’s to send a note to a grieving friend, volunteer in your hometown soup kitchen, read to a young child or start a worldwide movement. Your soul knows the unique piece you’re called to contribute today. Just one thing to remember: lead from love, not from fear.

Connect to your heart, be inspired then inspire others, and always lead with love.

Now that’s what I call a productive shower! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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