You were taught how to be good, how be nice, and how to be quiet…but you were never taught how to be love.

You’ve been on the spiritual path for a while. You’ve explored religious traditions, read the masters, studied the mystics and understand the choice between love and fear. You’ve been growing, evolving and doing your work and want to be a more loving person. How do you do that? How can you truly “be love” in the real world?

It’s easy while you’re in deep meditation, walking silently in a beautiful forest, or in a group with other spiritual seekers. Then you come back to the real world. 

And that’s when you feel the struggle.

How can you be love in the real world where:

  • Your partner acts like a jerk
  • You hate your job
  • There’s never enough money
  • Politics make you crazy
  • Addictions are destroying your family
  • It feels like your body has betrayed you
  • You feel stuck

As hard as you try, it feels impossible to be love in the relationships that mean most to you. And being the “good one” in the family, the “nice one” has only led to deep resentment and frustration. 

But nothing is impossible with love.

The Be Love Principles are four statements that can be used individually or as a process to see and experience life through the eyes of love instead of your own fears. They act as a gateway to your own inner wisdom.  Learning to use them consistently helps you live more from the truth of your soul instead of the wounds of your ego. 

The best part? The Principles meet you where you are. Step by step you can expand your capacity to be love in even the most challenging situations. The result is feeling more joy, peace and freedom in your relationship with yourself, others and the Divine.

Finally you can learn how to be love in the world.

The Story of the Be Love Principles

"I really believe the Be Love principles are an easy, accessible way for people to make spirituality practical. In every moment we create the experience of our lives through choice. Taking the perspective that we are pure, sweet Light beings opens us up to choosing peace and love rather than hostility or judgment."

Andrea Pennington, MD
Conscious Publishing Director of Make Your Mark Global

In a small case study conducted in early 2020, participants agreed to use the Be Love Principles for at least five out of seven days a week consistently for the 90 days.  Results from the group as a whole include increases in the following categories:

  • Self Love increased 14%
  • Feeling Peaceful  increased 17%
  • Overall Happiness increased 14%
  • Life Situation increased  17%
  • Divine Connection increased 29%
  • Overall Clarity increased 60%

"The Be Love Principles are nothing less than revolutionary – a clear and profoundly effective roadmap for anyone seeking more joy, peace and purpose in their life experience. I am grateful to have them to apply to literally any and every situation!"

Heathere Evans
Leadership Consultant

Free Workbook and Meditation

Understand what the Be Love Principles are and how to use them in this short workbook. Experience the power of the Principles in meditation and enjoy a greater sense of peace, joy, love and a deeper connection to divine wisdom.

Workbook and Meditation

About Diane

Diane L Haworth is the Founder of the Be Love Principles, a Heart-Centered Success Coach, Author, Speaker, TV Host AND a wife, mom and GiGi to grandson Emory.  She received the Be Love Principles during a "direct divine download" and is now passionate about sharing them with the world.

Meet Diane

Watch the "Be Love" MUSIC VIDEO 

Diane partnered with her friend and two time Global Peace Song Award winning singer/songwriter, Shawn Gallaway, on this beautiful song inspired by the Principles. ("Be Love" song available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and most digital platforms.)

"Be Love" Song

"It's said when you speak from your heart everybody listens, because God is speaking. That's how I felt when I read The Be Love Principles, and the experiences Diane had before they came through her. What a beautiful, moving and creative contribution they are to the world."

Randi Suskin
Spiritual Coach and Teacher

Living the Be Love Principles

Six Week Online Course

We all want the same thing. We  want to be loved, enjoy loving relationships and be happy, peaceful and feel free. Learning how to consistently apply the Be Love Principles helps you do that by getting you in touch with the divine within. Learn to live the love that you are.

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"I love the Be Love Principles! Our shared purpose in life is to be the love we are looking for. Each of us is here to love the world in our own unique way. "

Robert Holden, PhD
Author of "Finding Love Everywhere," "Loveability" and "Shift Happens"

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