Six Month Private Coaching 

Clarity and Confidence

Through Divine Connection

Connect to Simple Soul Wisdom so You Can:

  • Improve your relationships with family, friends, and others. 
  • Consistently feel more clear, calm, confident and happy in all areas of your life. 
  • Explore your purpose in the world now and going forward. 
  • Enjoy deeper clarity around your relationship with your finances, health, your passions and more.
  • Understand how to truly love yourself, others and the world.
  • Feel more resilient, creative and excited about life.
  • Live a life, moment by moment, more consistently guided by love, instead of your fears.
Learn How Today

Private Coaching is for YOU if...

  • You've already been on the path and feel  a pull to go deeper into your spiritual development.
  • You're ready for less stress and more laughter.
  • You're open to a fresh approach to mystical teachings, neuroscience, personal growth tools and energy techniques.
  • You're curious and want to learn how to partner with Spirit and live a more guided life.
  • You recognize gratitude and forgiveness are doorways to the Divine...and you're ready to walk through those doors in a new way.

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What's Included in the Coaching Package?

Bi-weekly 60-Minute Sessions

✓ Sessions will be scheduled by mutual agreement 
✓ All sessions will be recorded (audio and video) and available on your client platform
Zoomed out? Ask about connecting via phone

Private Client Portal

✓ Rewatch session videos 
✓ Access worksheets, shared resources and tools
✓ See suggested homework and practices
✓ Enjoy meditations all in one place!

Unlimited Email Support

✓ Need help? No problem! Have a question about your session? Need a resource or specific recommendation? 
✓ Coaching clients have unlimited email support between sessions. Sometimes we can even hop on a quick call to help!


As Diane's Private Client, you'll also get these bonuses:


Intro to the Enneagram

Learn about this powerful self discovery tool including possible growth paths and challenges of your type in this bonus 90 minute session. (Enneagram test included.)

You may include a partner or friend in this bonus session!


Follow Up Session

About 30 days after our last session, we'll have another sixty minute conversation to celebrate your success, revisit tools and strategize possible upcoming issues.

This session is all about keeping up your momentum and supporting you on your path to continued success!

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Hi, I'm Diane

I bet I'm a lot like you. I'm a curious soul who's suffered some bumps and bruises along the path. 

I spent years trying to do the "right thing." I watched Oprah, attended church, read spiritual books and mystical texts, attended personal development seminars, and listened to countless podcasts seeking to discover the secret to a happy life.

Thirty years of meditation, becoming a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles and understanding the Enneagram gave me the answers I craved. I finally realized the simple soul wisdom I sought was always inside me. 

My passion is now to help others connect to their own inner divine wisdom to live a life guided by love. I use a variety of tools to do this including my own Be Love Principles.


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