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I'm Diane

Growing up in a small Virginia town in the 1960's and 70's, I learned how to be good, how to be nice, how to be quiet. But I never learned how to be love. Understanding and feeling divine love, the true love, has been my life long quest. I want to feel loved and loving...and share what I learn with others.  

I'm the founder of the Be Love Principles, a Heart-Centered Success Coach, speaker, author, and TV host.

Although my professional life spanned 30+ years in marketing working in government, private and nonprofit sectors, I've always been fascinated by leadership principles, holistic healing, energy work, nutrition, neuroscience, and the power of individual beliefs to influence life experience. I believe that true joy in life comes from connecting to your own inner divine wisdom and living a life guided by love.

FYI, I've always been considered the "weird one" in the family. 

In May 2018, I experienced a "direct divine download" resulting in what I call the Be Love Principles and am passionate about sharing this process with the world. (This mystical experience did not make me seem more "normal" to the family, but they were used to me by this point.)

I hold a BS in Mass Communications, an MBA, am a serious student of A Course In Miracles, the Enneagram, mystic, spiritual and metaphysical studies as well as being certified in a variety of healing modalities and coaching programs. I am author of "How to Choose Love When You Just Want to Slap Somebody." You can frequently catch me as a guest on podcasts, radio and TV, and I hosted my own TV show that aired in the Washington, DC market before becoming a host on the AWAKE TV Network. In January 2022, I was inducted into the Evolutionary Leaders group.


I love to take classes, read, watch British TV, take walks in nature and travel to live events in cool places. I'm blessed to live with husband Joe and Rory the cat in the beautiful Virginia foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and remain close to our four grown children. My top priority is being the best GiGi possible for young grandsons Emory and Augie and to do my part to leave them a more loving world. 

Hey there! I'm Lindsay

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People Are Surprised When They Learn...

  • I had my first babysitting job at age nine which led to working a retail job at age 11.
  • I was the cartoonist for my high school newspaper.
  • I've worked in local government, as the marketing director of a small hospital and for a major university.
  • I had an experience with a reef shark while learning to scuba dive in the Bahamas which taught me the power of my thoughts.¬†
  • I had a near death experience in 1985 that changed significantly the way I see life and death.
  • During a health crisis, I received an angelic visit that brought me immediate comfort and healing.
  • I've been a vegetarian for over¬†17 years¬†and truly believe my cat is one of my soul mates.¬†

Me at age three with my beautiful Mom at our Warrenton, Virginia home. 

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